Gate opener installation is popular these days, especially for people with busy lives. They fit for all types of gates and add another level of security to your property. No longer will you need to get out of your vehicle to open and close them in all types of weather. These are also difficult for unauthorized people to open. Gate openers are ideal for high traffic areas in commercial properties, gated communities, and apartment blocks as well as for private properties.

Our Company executes the installation of Gate Opener in California for any existing gate. In addition, we sell and repair all types of electric gate openers, including their installation and maintenance at the client’s residence. We provide each client with a particular electric gate opener according to his needs, and also offer guidance while selecting a quality gate opener for an electric gate.
Our variety of client motors we offer are compatible to all types of gates: Slide gate, Swing gate, Overhead gate, Automatic gate, Roll up gate, Commercial gate, Residential gate, etc.

Installation, maintenance, and repair of electric gate requires experience and skills. Furthermore, the selection of an electric gate involves multiple logistic considerations. Our experienced staff will insure the installation of a high-quality gate operator in a way that will prolong the gate’s lifespan and allow its operation without any malfunctions for many years.

Slide Gate Opener

Slide gate opener comes in many types. What we use depends on the size of the gate and its weight, and the level of traffic using the gate. Slide operators work well when there is limited space for the gate to run directly along the fence.
All slide gate openers have the same features so it easy to select the one that suits your needs. Sliding automatic gate systems have several parts that all need to work together for the system to work correctly.

Swing Gate Opener

Swing gate openers are usually use when one or both the gates swings in either direction to make it easier to access your property.

Overhead Gate Opener

Use an overhead opener when the gates are heavy and there is a high level of traffic going through them. These are ideal for commercial buildings and apartment complexes. Overhead gate operators work quietly, have the durability to handle a lot of traffic going through them, and provide security.

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